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CONRAD GR-3 PLUS is a 3D ground scanner metal detector


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CONRAD GR-3 PLUS is a small-size lightweight metal detector, easy to use To find deeply buried treasures with 3D visualization of scan data of target area via analysis app that can be installed on Android or iOS tablets and smartphones.

Device Features

Multi-Purpose Device

CONRAD GR-3 PLUS is a 3D ground scanner metal detector that can be used to:

  • Find buried gold treasures such as golden chests, ancient coins, golden jewelry
  • Detection of Non-Ferrous metal objects such as silver coins, bronze statues, and plates of copper.
  • Ferrous metal detection: iron, steel, iron alloys
  • Underground cavities detection such as tunnels, chambers, bunkers, and so on

CONRAD GR-3 PLUS Technology

CONRAD GR-3 PLUS Device is basically a ground scanner probe with built-in sensors, it incorporates 2 high precision (dual)

sensor system called CN-D Sensor that enables to penetrate ground layers to reach greater depth and gives the user

more accurate high-resolution data for 3D visualization.

Detection Modes

GR-3 PLUS ground scanner has many different detection modes that fit particular metal detection

applications, the included detection modes are:

1 – 3D Ground Scan Mode:

It is the most used detection mode used to scan the ground and visualize the data via GR-3 PLUS analysis app,

the scan process can be conducted either in Automatic or Manual modes.

2 – Live Scan Mode:

Used for a quick scan of the area to find possible targets, it visualizes the scan data in real-time as a 2D colored stream

of colors that change based on the target type that the probe passes over.

3 – Pinpointer Mode:

Used for pinpointing to find possible metal objects during excavations (usually after using ground scan mode to detect the target)

3D Analysis App

GR-3 PLUS 3D ground scanner can display its scanned data visually on any supported Android or iOS

devices such as tablets or smartphones, and that done using GR-3 PLUS analysis app that can be installed

to show the scan data as 3D graphics that represent the structure of the scanned area and what it contains possible

targets like golden treasure or tunnel or normal ground.

The analysis app is bundled with powerful tools to analyze that data to give users useful information about buried

targets such as position, depth, and metal type.

gr-3 plus app screens

Wireless Data Transmission

The scan data is transmitted wirelessly to the tablet or smartphone to be processed and visualized inside the analysis app

using Bluetooth 4.2 BLE technology that offers about a 50-meter coverage range.

Rechargeable Battery

CONRAD GR-3 PLUS is powered using a built-in 3.7 Volt lithium-ion (Li-ion) rechargeable battery, it can be charged with

5 volt Micro-USB or charging with portable power sources like power banks.

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15 Meter

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2 Years


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