OKM Delta Ranger

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OKM Delta Ranger  This multi-technology treasure detector is specialized in the fast and easy detection of gold objects, relics, treasures, voids, tunnels, and tombs in terrains that are hard to access. The detector comprises 6 operating modes in one device:


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OKM Delta Ranger

Treasure Hunting with Multiple Technologies

Detectors like the OKM Delta Ranger can’t be found in any other store! This multi-technology treasure detector is specialized in the fast and easy detection of gold objects, relics, treasures, voids, tunnels, and tombs in terrains that are hard to access. The detector comprises 6 operating modes in one device:

  1. Bionic Stream – OKM’s long-range mode to detect freshly hidden gold.
  2. Ionic Stream – OKM’s long-range mode to detect long-time buried gold.
  3. Magnetometer – OKM’s fast detection technology for the preparation and optimization of 3D Ground Scans.
  4. 3D Ground Scan – OKM’s renowned 3D imaging technology detecting treasures down to 60 ft (18 m) depth.
  5. Thermo Scan – OKM’s thermography mode to map hidden tunnels and rooms behind walls and in the underground.
  6. Thermo Stream – OKM’s real-time thermography mode to detect hidden caves and tombs behind walls and in the underground.

Moreover, Delta Ranger comes with more highlights that take treasure hunters further, and offers user-oriented features like

  • Digital compass
  • Visual target indication
  • Multi-lingual operation in 14 languages

that enhance the treasure hunting experience. Control by Smartphone App simplifies sharing and analyzing scan data after measurements.

Delta Ranger Knows Where to Find Gold

The Light version of the Delta Ranger is the perfect equipment for initial explorations of unknown terrain to find places for successful treasure hunting. Especially treasure hunters who don’t have any clue where to start detecting will appreciate the fast overview of large areas.

Long-Range Gold Prospection with Smartphone

With the Long-Range Probe (L), the OKM Delta Ranger can be used as a long-range gold detector to find buried objects at distances of several miles. The exact position of gold objects can be determined by using Cross Bearing (Triangulation). Since Ionic and Bionic Stream are long-range search modes, the probe is used in horizontal orientation.

Bionic Stream (Bio-Energy-System)

During the detection of gold, the Bionic Stream interacts with the detector user’s natural bio-energy to analyze minimum changes of object substances. Gold prospectors and treasure hunters can locate almost all gold objects independent of how long the target object has been buried. Thus, Bionic Stream is especially recommended for the search of freshly buried objects like gold jewelry, gold statues, gold rings, gold coins, gold bars and gold bullions.

Ionic Stream (Ions-Chamber-System)

The operating mode Ionic Stream measures the ions radiation (ions absorbent) of buried gold objects. Therefore, when measuring, the direction is important for success. The integrated digital compass shows the direction during the measurement.

This detection method is specialized for the location of gold artifacts that are buried for a long time. The longer the object is in the underground, the better it can be detected by Ionic Stream.

Best Long-Range Performance in Bionic and Ionic Stream

Bionic Stream allows to search for gold in humid places, on wet soils and even after rainy days. This operating mode does not require dry grounds like many other long-range detectors.

Moreover, both long-range modes, Bionic Stream and Ionic Stream, achieve best performances in sparsely populated areas. Since the integrated sensors are very sensitive to changes of the ionic and bionic fields, the accuracy increases greatly in undisturbed or undeveloped areas.

Detect Gold: Triple Feedback on a Hit

In the long-range modes, a hit is signaled by:

  • acoustic feedback (if sound is enabled)
  • vibration (if vibration is enabled)
  • visual feedback (flashy crosshairs).

Treasure Detection and Verification by Cross Bearing (Triangulation)

Triangulation (Cross Bearing) uses two or more points to locate a target. As soon as you get hits on the same target spot from different positions, it is likely it is a potential target.

With 2 additional probes, the Delta Ranger becomes a Professional detector, allowing not only long-range gold detection, but also 3D ground scans and deep analyses of the subsurface.

Best Depth Performance with 3D Ground Scan

Plugging in the Ground Scan Probe (G) unlocks 2 operating modes that allow vertical measurements of the underground: Magnetometer and 3D Ground Scan.


The ready-to-use operating mode is recommended to prepare the scan field and clear it of ferrous items close to the surface. This allows to detect buried objects in the ground even deeper and more accurately in the subsequent 3D Ground Scan.

3D Ground Scan

OKM is renowned for its 3D imaging detection technology developed and engineered in Germany. 3D Ground Scan is the most performative operating mode to locate target objects as deep as 60 ft (18 m) in the underground.

After saving the measurement, treasure hunters can analyze the scan image in detail, and determine the position, size and depth of the detected targets before excavation.

Detect Secret Passages and Tunnels with Thermography

Using the Thermo Probe (T) unlocks 2 more operating modes that allow both horizontal and vertical measurements: Thermo Scan and Thermo Stream.

Thermo Scan

With Thermo Scan, larger surfaces can be scanned for temperature differences. Just like in the established 3D Ground Scan operating mode, the surface is measured with the detector following a specific scheme.

Thanks to the extremely short probe, the OKM Delta Ranger is ideal for horizontal wall surface measurement. Thus, temperature differences on walls can be made visible and provide clues to hidden rooms and corridors behind them.

In addition, the detector with can also be used vertically (like in 3D Ground Scan), to detect underground cavities, chambers and tunnels.

Thermo Stream

The Thermo Stream operating mode uses the live camera image as background and a socalled false color scheme for the simplified visualization of temperature differences. If both are correctly tuned using the crosshair calibration prior to the measurement, it is possible to precisely determine the surface temperature of objects and surfaces at specific points.

The surface temperature of the targeted object is indicated

  • as simplified color point cloud on the camera image,
  • by a pointer on the temperature scale,
  • as value in °Celsius or °Fahrenheit.

Void and Cave Detection Inspired by Science

Thermography usually uses color associations for products in everyday use, such as those familiar from a thermostat or tap: blue is associated with cold, while red is perceived as warm.

In science, so-called false color schemes (or pseudo color schemes) are preferred. The false color representation uses colors that deviate from the natural color impression in order to make fine nuances of a tone more easily distinguishable.

The Thermo Scan and Thermo Stream modes rely on this advantage and therefore use the false color spectrum: from black (cold) via blue, purple, red, and yellow to white (warm).

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