Gold Star 3D Scanner

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Gold Star 3D Scanner
Its ability to work in the most difficult types of volcanic rocks and to reach great results in the search for golden treasures and voids has always made it a favorite among professional prospectors and beginners with ease of use and multiple search programs to include 8 actual and accurate systems characterized by quickly capturing targets and determining their type and depth, using One of the latest technologies and the latest knowledge in this field offers us the Gold Star 3D Scanner


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Gold Star 3D Scanner from Mega Detection offers the prospector of ancient antiquities and the seeker for buried treasures at great depths, the best integrated and comprehensive solution in terms of the multiplicity of search technologies available in the device, as well as practical applications and uses in the field of metal detection.

Device Features

  • Gold Star 3D Scanner is An integrated multi-functional device that combines a professional metal detector and a 3D ground scanner with high-quality performance in all-terrain and accurate, reliable results.
  • A modern and practical design that combines lightweight and aesthetics of look and suitability for long real-life use in the search fields and is made of high-quality materials, which provides the user with a comfortable user experience.
  • 8 different search systems that include the latest developments in the field of metal detection technologies with wide options to adjust search settings and options to suit various factors such as the ground soil type, the terrain, the purpose of the search, and the type and metal of buried targets.
  • A completely new patented 3D ground scanning technology that includes advanced search tools that guarantee more accurate results through larger coverage and visual representation of scanning data on the device’s screen or via a tablet computer.
  • An advanced 3D analyzing app that can be downloaded on any tablet or smartphone running Android provides the prospector with great capabilities to analyze the results of the ground scan visually through integrated tools through which can know the type of metal – the exact location or position – the accurate depth of potential targets and target metal type.
  • New and improved technology in long-range metal detection technology that includes performance improvements, a wider scanning field, and more depths up to 50 meters with new tools and options.
  • An integrated feedback system that combines sound, light, and image to provide the prospector with a comprehensive view of the discovered targets and complete information about them.
  • A high-definition color LCD screen with a relatively large size ensures easy to adjust settings, read numbers clearly, and see results visually comfortably.
  • Gold Star 3D Scanner has a Modern easy use program available in 12 international languages, taking into account the latest developments in the field of user experience, allowing easy adjustment of search settings, selection of search systems and search programs, adjusting distances, and depths, and viewing results visually.
  • Gold Star 3D Scanner is operated via an external lithium-ion battery located in a distinctively designed box, the battery can be recharged and guarantee a long period of use depending on the system used for search and other factors.


Device program Functions

Modern Software Program

The user interface of the Gold Star 3D Scanner software program was designed according to the latest modern software technologies in the field of interface design according to an attractive modern design with a consistent color system and graphic icons that express the search systems, options, and settings of the device in an easily understandable way for the novice or professional user alike.

The design of the screens and controls has been taken into account the best guidelines of user experience that provide the user with the best possible, flexible, and easy use of the device while providing ease of control to adjust the different values and settings related to the various search systems available in the device.

Search Systems Screen

It allows the user to choose the search system by selecting the search system icon from the list via the buttons on the control panel

Users can choose between 8 different search systems, which were previously explained in detail.

Language Select Screen

In order to provide a Gold Star 3D Scanner for all prospectors around the world, the device’s program and interfaces are available in different international languages, including the most important languages in the world.

The user interface language can be easily changed within the device’s settings and users can choose from 12 international languages to cover most countries of the world.

Supported languages:

1- German  2- English  3- French  4- Spanish  5- Russian  6- Italian  7- Arabic  8- Hebrew  9- Persian  10- Turkish  11- Urdu  12- Chinese

Date & Time Settings

One of the useful features for the user of the Gold Star 3D Scanner is the ability to set the date and time to match the real date and time, and the device keeps these values even if it is turned off.
The device displays a digital clock that includes the current time and appears continuously at the top right of the screen to enable the user to know the time when he searching in the fields, especially with the knowledge that when searching, the user should not carry metal objects such as a wristwatch or a mobile phone because they affect the capture of magnetic signals.
The importance of the possibility of the date and time subject is also evident when saving the search files or the values of the ground scanning process, as they are automatically saved with a name that includes the date of the day and the time at which the file was saved, and this guarantees the user the ability to return and analyze the search process that was conducted in a specific place on a specific date.

Screen Settings

In this screen user can control some useful settings related to the device’s screen, namely:

  • Energy Saving Mode

In the case of activating it, the value of the time that the device needs to turn off the screen can be set (in the event that no button is pressed for a while), and this ensures that the battery power is saved for longer use.

  • Screen Brightness

The screen brightness value can be controlled within a specific value to suit the user’s conditions in terms of time during the day or night and weather conditions like on foggy or rainy days.

This option can be useful to save battery power when it is set to low values.

Audio Settings

The device features various audio alerts depending on the search system used.

Within the device’s settings, you can adjust the volume of the sound and various alerts:

  • General sound: It controls the general volume of the device sound (speaker sound volume).
  • Keypad sound: to adjust the sound volume of control panel buttons
  • Scan sound: adjust the sound volume of sound issued when conducting the ground scan via the scanning tools


Use this option to save the power and energy of the battery during device usage.
By using this option, the battery lifetime will be extent 50% at least ant it depends on the type of searching system and type of connected sensor

Scan Files

When performing scans, the user can save the current values of the scanning operation to files stored in the device’s memory.
The user can, through a simple interface, review all previously saved files and open them to view the stored results, or a previously stored file can be deleted to save space in memory for future searches.


Here the user can set the following options

  • Reset Settings: reset general settings without deleting previously saved scan files.
  • Factory Settings: reset to the factory values (the values when purchasing the device from the factory) while deleting the saved files
  • Clear Memory: clean memory to free up the device’s memory of all saved files.

Device information

This screen displays the device information, which are:

  • Device Version
  • Software version
  • Device Model
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturer Country
  • QR code: the user can read it to obtain useful information about the device, including the manufacturer’s website

Security settings

  • Pin Lock: activate or deactivate the screen lock
  • Set Pin: here user can set a pin number (a number that without entering it correctly any person can’t access and enter the device software program)


Additional information


50 Meter

Front range

3000 Meter

Made in





5 Years


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