Concord Gold Detector

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Concord device For those looking for the best devices that combine search programs for golden treasures at long distances and great depths, in addition to the unique pulse induction technology to search for the smallest pieces of raw gold nuggets, gold coins and veins of gold, the Concord device provides 6 search systems that guarantee prospectors great accuracy In the search process and the speed of identifying the type of soil.


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Concord gold detector 

Concord gold detector is a powerful multi-systems metal detector that combines the functionality of enhanced Long-Range Locator technology for detection of deep metal objects from long distances within wide area, in addition to new unique Pulse Induction technology for detection which provides efficient detection of small metal objects such as coins and jewelry through a digital target identification the system to discriminate between different metals with accompanying acoustic feedback.


Device Features

Mega Detection offers through Concord gold detector an affordable device with sufficient powerful features that assist the newbie’s prospectors or professional treasure hunters to detect all kinds of metal targets.

Concord gold detector offers the possibility of detecting targets through a modern and simplified interface that includes ease of use, multilingualism, a smooth visual menu system, and screens that provides the user with the necessary tools to adjust the settings of the search process and see the results on the device screen through visual indicators accompanied by audio feedback.

CONCORD Metal Detector

  • Concord gold detector is a powerful multi-systems device that combines the functionality of a Long-Range locator with a unique Pulse Induction system with smart features and complete visualization of all systems, easy to use multilingual software program.
  • 5 Search systems suitable for different metal detection applications
  • Powerful detection tools include the I.M.T.U probe and PS50, PS36, PS28 search coils.
  • The modern design of the device and its accessories are made of high-quality materials that combine lightweight and beautiful appearance, with ease in installation and disassembly, while providing the best experience of use for the prospector in search fields.
  • Brand new long-range locator metal detection technology with enhanced detection performance, wider scan range up to 3000 m, and great depth range that reach 50 meters.
  • 3 Long Range Locator (LRL) sub-systems include Auto LRL, Manual LRL, CTRL LRL with different options to customize the search process and visual indicators on the device screen to get the best results.
  • Unique Pulse induction system using the large PS50 incorporates new technology that brings great performance in ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection in different ground conditions, soil types, and terrain.
  • Brand new Smart Detect system with two modes via PS36 and PS28 search coils, a perfect choice for prospectors to find natural gold nuggets, small relics, jewelry, coins, and other metal types at small depths.
  • 5 Inch large-size LCD screen for more comfortable experience during settings adjustment and reading or seeing visual indicators that displayed on the screen.
  • Powerful modern easy use graphical software program available in 12 international languages, taking into account the latest developments in the field of user experience, enabling easy selection of search systems, adjustment of search settings and selecting search programs, adjusting distance and depth range, and viewing results in a visual manner.
  • Operated via an external lithium-polymer battery located in a distinctively designed plastic box for better portability and replacement, the battery can be recharged and guarantee a long period of operation time.

Concord gold detector

Modern Software Program

The user interface of the Concord gold detector software program was designed according to the latest modern software technologies in the field of interface design according to an attractive modern design with a consistent color theme and graphical icons that present the search systems, options, and settings of the device in an easily understandable way for the novice or professional user alike.

The design of the screens and controls has been taken into account the best guidelines of user experience that provide the user with the best possible, flexible, and easy use of the device while providing ease of control to adjust the different values and settings related to the various search systems available in the device.

Search Systems Screen

It allows the user to choose the search system by selecting the search system icon from the list via the buttons on the control panel.

Users can choose between 5 different search systems, which were previously explained in detail.


Language Screen

In order to provide Concord for all prospectors around the world, the device’s program and interfaces are available in different and most spoken international languages, including the most important languages in the world.

The user interface language can be easily changed within the device’s settings and users can choose from 12 languages to cover most countries around the world.

Supported languages include:

1- German

2- English

3- French

4- Spanish

5- Russian

6- Italian

7- Arabic

8- Hebrew

9- Persian

10- Turkish

11- Urdu

12- Chinese


Date & Time Settings

One of the useful features for the user of the Concord gold detector is the ability to set the date and time to match the real date and time, and the device keeps these values ​​even if it is turned off.

The device displays a digital clock that includes the current time and appears continuously at the top right of the screen to enable the user to know the time when he searching in the fields, especially with the knowledge that when searching, the user should not carry metal objects such as a wristwatch or a mobile phone because they affect the capture of magnetic signals.


The importance of the possibility of the date and time subject is also evident when saving the search files or the values ​​of the ground scanning process, as they are automatically saved with a name that includes the date of the day and the time at which the file was saved, and this guarantees the user the ability to return and analyze the search process that was conducted in a specific place on a specific date.

Screen Settings

In this screen user can control some useful settings related to the device’s screen, namely:

  • Energy Saving Mode

In the case of activating it, the value of the time that the device needs to turn off the screen can be set (in the event that no button is pressed for a while), and this ensures that the battery power is saved for longer use.

  • Screen Brightness

The screen brightness value can be controlled within a specific value to suit the user’s conditions in terms of time during the day or night and weather conditions like foggy or rainy days.

This option can be useful to save battery power when it is set to low values.


Sound Settings

The device features various audio alerts depending on the search system used.

Within the device’s settings, you can adjust the volume of the sound and various alerts:

  • General sound: It controls the general volume of the device sound (speaker sound volume).
  • Keypad sound: to adjust the sound volume of control panel buttons
  • Scan sound: adjust the sound volume of sound issued when conducting the ground scan via the scanning tools


Use this option to save power and energy of battery during device usage.

By using this option, the battery lifetime will be extended 50% at least ant it depends on the type of searching system and type of connected sensor



Here the user can set the following options

  • Reset Settings: reset general settings without deleting previously saved scan files.
  • Factory Settings: reset to the factory values (the values when purchasing the device from the factory) while deleting the saved files
  • Clear Memory: clean memory to free up the device’s memory of all saved files.


Device information

This screen displays the device information, which are:

  • Device Version
  • Software version
  • Device Model
  • Serial Number
  • Manufacturer Country
  • QR code: the user can read it to obtain useful information about the device, including the manufacturer’s website


Security settings

  • Pin Lock: activate or deactivate the screen lock
  • Set Pin: here user can set a pin number (a number that without entering it correctly any person can’t access and login to the device software program)




Package Package Dimensions 68 x 51 x 28 cm
Package Weight 17 Kg
Material ABS Plastic
CPU Processor Type ARM 64 Bit
Processor Frequency 1.4 GHz
Memory Storage Memory 32 GB
Memory Type SD Card
Screen Screen Type High-Resolution TFT LCD
Screen Size 5 Inch
Screen Resolution 1024 x 860
Colors 16 million
Wi-Fi Connection 2.4 GHz
Sound Output Speaker – Headset
Jack Type 3.5 mm
Headset Wired Headphones
Internal Speaker Yes
Power Battery Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Capacity 21000 mAh
Fast Charging No
Removable Battery Yes
Languages German – English – French – Spanish – Russian – Italian – Arabic – Hebrew – Persian – Turkish – Urdu – Chinese
Temperatures Operation temperature 0°C – 40°C
Storage temperature  –20°C – 60°C
Humidity 5% – 75%



Additional information


50 Meter

Front range

3000 Meter

Made in





5 Years


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