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The Gold and Treasure Detector Racer 2 is one of the best gold and treasure detectors in the world. It offers several features such as quick response, soil balance and vibration when a target is detected

❖ Currency Detector and Metal Reiser 2 is one of the best devices around the world as it comes supported by multiple search frequency characteristics that are not available in any other device where all these frequencies are in one device for the first time

❖ The device is characterized by a modern design luxury with light weight and ease of jaw and installation and load, which is always the same for the User and also easy to change the settings and the selection of search systems and other options the design of the short lists and also features that the device supports headphone wireless

Features and Techniques of Rare Coin Detector and Metal Racer 2

❖ Options for the land budget The option of the ground balance of the search of currencies, treasures and buried in a better way to fit the device with the environment of the Ground User to get the best possible readings and research accurately

❖ High efficiency and depth What distinguishes detection devices is its performance and depth, which can be trusted. Here are the devices of metal detectors and metal coins Racer 2, where you can discover rare coins and metals in the deepest places

❖ Wireless headset Wireless headsets are always a sought-after user and hobbyist. Looking for metals and currencies, as wireless headsets disrupt the movement and may be a reason to delay the search or loss of opportunity to find a goal because of the interruption of the wire or the like. Therefore, the wireless speakers relax the device detectors in their search for currencies

❖ Identify and track goals Where the device can identify targets under the ground and track them until they are extracted abroad

❖ Smooth and efficient design accurately The device was designed and developed in a modern and smooth to keep pace with the latest developments in the world of devices and increase the convenience in the use and efficiency in the results derived from the search using the device

❖Vibration The techniques of the Rare Coin Detector and Metal Racer 2 vibrate when a target is detected so that the detector detects that there is a possibility that the target is in front of you so the vibration of the device is a value added to the device

❖There is a light detector on the device Some rare coin explorers and metals like to search at night, where the night is a quiet place for them. Also, it is possible that the night is more searchable. Here is also the Racer 2, which has a front-end projector to allow the explorer to see anything in front of the device.


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