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The PRO-FIND 25 Pinpointer is now discontinued. Please see the PRO-FIND 15, 20 and 35 Pinpointers.


PRO-FIND 25: What advantage does the adjustable sensitivity have?

At maximum Sensitivity the PRO-FIND 25 can detect targets at greater distances which can be both an advantage and a disadvantage. To pinpoint a target sometimes it’s better to have a less sensitive probe to reduce the search area, so we have given you the ability to adjust it how you see fit. The Sensitivity may also need to be reduced in mineralized or salty soils, so that you are only detecting metal and not the ground.

PRO-FIND 25: After continued digging and detecting a target, I don’t find anything.

Side detection occurring with the target (or multiple) in the side of the hole. Use the tip of the probe to check around the sides of the hole. Reducing the Sensitivity can also help.

PRO-FIND 25: Can it be used for prospecting?

Yes, but be aware that it won’t have the same sensitivity to very small nuggets as a quality Minelab Gold Detector. It will be a good aid in target recovery for larger nuggets.

PRO-FIND 25: Can I wash it?

The PRO-FIND 25 is water resistant only. If you cover the speaker vent with your thumb, you can wash it under running water or dunk it under a few centimetres of water.

PRO-FIND 25: How does the auto power off system work?

If no targets are detected or buttons pressed for 3 minutes, then the unit will start a slow beep.

This allows you to find the unit if it’s left behind on the ground after digging a hole. The beeping does not occur if it is in vibrate only mode .After 5 minutes of slow beeping the unit will turn itself off.

PRO-FIND 25: Why is my unit not powering up?

The battery may be inserted the wrong way if the lid goes on, but it is difficult to tighten. The keyed plastic prevents the battery tabs from touching the contacts – turn the batteries around to fix this.

PRO-FIND 25: Light comes on and there are a couple of beeps, but no detection occurs. Why?

Unit probably didn’t finish the power on calibration and therefore will turn off 10 secs after the end of the power up beeps.

There was probably metal present when it was turned on. Commonly this is a ring on the finger of the hand holding it.

PRO-FIND 25: General Tips.

Tips for switching on:

  • Make sure there is no metal close to the probe
  • Listen for the third beep (short) before trying to detect with it
  • If it has been a long time since the unit was last used(several days) or there has been significant temperature change since it’s last use, then it may take about 5 seconds to calibrate

Calibration usually takes less than a second when the unit has been used recently

In highly mineralised soils:

  • Use the buttons to reduce the sensitivity to stop false triggering
  • Audio on and off:
  • Hold down the plus button while turning the unit on to enable audio tones
  • Hold down the minus button while turning the unit on to turn off audio tones


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