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GPZ 7000

Gold Detectors GPZ 7000

If you are looking for gold ore with a high quality device and proven efficiency on the ground and time factor in the search process and save effort and find the largest amount of gold ore, let you choose is the GPZ 7000 also features the device GPZ 7000 using advanced ZVT technology compared to technologies Older devices such as VLF technology and others here the GPZ 7000 excels that it uses a whole new technology to explore gold and minerals

This exciting device has been developed by adding many different features and new technologies, and comes with two options of dishes, there is a 14-inch dish and a 19-inch dish to cover all the largest possible search area and also fits all terrain, and also developed the feature of support for the sound of the wireless where the explorer does not need to put the headset A wired headphone is now possible to walk around and explore more freely with the wireless headphones supplied with the device and there is also a wired headphone that fits more with the user’s desire, and the GPZ 7000 is designed with the support of GPS which plays an important role in the search process About gold The GPX 7000 is designed to be waterproof to make it easier to search for gold in swamps and water areas. The GPZ 7000 gold detector features a digital menu that is easy to navigate and handle. The setup of the device is easier and increases the chances of exploring gold

There are some modern techniques and systems in the gold detector GPZ GPZ 7000 and includes the following:

More Deep

The gold pieces and the veins are always located deeper than the surface of the earth and not on the surface parts. Discovering and extracting gold from them becomes new with the GPZ 7000, where you can search deeply in those fields

A simple and easy playlist

Often the problems of using gold detectors are in the ease of adjusting the device so that the finder to search for gold in a quick way. Of gold exploration is easier

Increased ability in gold sensitivity

GZZ 7000 gold detectors are equipped with new properties and techniques that increase the sensitivity of gold detection so that the device can search even for small pieces that blend with the soil and can not be detected easily

Wireless audio support

The problem faced by most users of gold detectors from the installation of a wired headset on the ear during the search for gold comes gold detectors GPZ 7000 wireless audio feature, which is a radical solution to this problem

Add Google Maps Geo GPS feature

It is difficult to know the location of the exploration during the exploration of gold due to the lack of concentration of the explorer in the site, but the search for gold, which makes it lost in some cases and also possible to be enabled new exploration on the discovery and this is equipped with devices GPZ 7000 Google Maps Geo GPS to enable the explorer to identify Its current location makes it easy to go back to the starting point and also know where to explore gold

Balance during the search process

Most gold detectors face the problem of bananas in the search process where they do not follow the gold accurately to reach a piece of gold it is possible to take a small piece of gold out of the exploration and not tracked by the device, but devices GPZ 7000 different from the rest of the devices in accuracy and balance in Search process until you reach a gold piece

Waterproof dish

There are a lot of gold pieces on water bodies that are not easily detected but with the gold detectors GPZ 7000 broke this barrier to allow the discovery of these pieces by supporting the dish device GPZ 14, which works underwater to a depth of 1 meters under water and also in the rainy environment And wet

Noise Reduction

GPZ7000 gold detectors come with 256-channel noise cancellation to make gold detection easier

GPZ7000 The latest gold detectors, from Gold Rush company offer to gold seekers at the best price

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