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The gold and treasures detector Invenio Pro imaging system in the latest technology of gold detectors and it’s contains the characteristics, such as conservation and archiving images captured and advantage in the properties of the separation of minerals discovered and search in the depths of the new where it exceeds the depths discovered by other devices

❖ The Gold Detector, Treasures, and Fireworks Invenio Pro is one of the latest images of three-dimensional cameras for treasures, gold and all kinds of tiles It is displayed on a separate screen to display and see the results of the areas being searched It identifies and carefully examines all buried treasures in the ground and distinguishes between gold, With ease and can be set with the feature of vibration when the detection of the target and designed with high technology to maintain the objectives of the objectives of photography and transfer to the computer his search disk and also comes to support many languages to ensure understanding and handling of all and is equipped with a lamp Mami and rear screen to ensure visibility under any conditions and in the darkness and inside the caves

❖ Invenio pro for Gold and Metal Detector is a technology based on proprietary research technology and has a global patent The principle of the work of this technology depends on the research plate, which scans the area to be detected with a special tracking sensor mounted on the arm of the disk in order to give the real form of the target buried under the ground, such as the box or currency or gold and other and also features of the device that has the ability to discover The objectives at a greater depth and transmission of the image on the screen of the machine, and knowledge of the apparent result on the screen, which shows the type of target discovered and knowledge of the depth of the target and before the start of the drilling, and the gold detector Invenio Pro was developed to meet these requirements and be reliable, which came after a large amount from US Process research and experiments, which provided a highly efficient and effective intelligent system is the first of its kind in the world gives the possibility to know the exact shape of the target buried and know the type of metal detected as well as on its screen can easily know the depth of the target

The features and techniques of gold detectors, treasures, coins and fireplaces Invenio Pro

❖ The device supports three search modes The device includes three search modes to suit the device all types of terrain with the stability of the search result in all cases there is a basic situation and the development of an expert and the search in the caves and spaces

❖ Characterize metals and the possibility of separating a certain metal Gold Detectors, Treasures, and Fireplaces Invenio Pro is supported by all kinds of metals and is capable of knowing the classification and display of metal data. It is also possible to cancel a certain metal during the research process so as not to disturb the remaining metals in the spot where the detection

❖ Research on a whole new depth There is a lack of experienced devices always estimated to search deeply, most of the search results are superficial only in those devices, but Invenio Pro works to break this barrier and work deep up to

❖ 6 meters below the ground Wireless communication between the control and control between the sensors The problem of wire connection is a permanent obstacle for humans to users. Here is the detection device of gold, minerals and treasures Invenio Pro as a support for the wireless connection between the controls control, which shows the results of search goals and detector, allowing the user to travel freely without the need to connect with each other and discover more goals and not limited It’s just here, but it also supports wireless audio technology where you can put a wireless headphone after pairing it with the device

❖ Vibration characteristic The Invenio Pro features a vibration feature, which is a second alarm after the voice alert when the targets are detected. When this feature is activated, the device will be vibrating when discovering any goal is a key feature for detectors who are hearing impaired and when looking in areas of high noise and noise confusion.

❖ A characteristic of a rectangular picture This feature enables the Invenio Pro detector to save all 3D graphics and screen shots resulting from scanning the ground using the coil and transfer it to his computer for better preview and analysis, as well as to save the forms of goals that were discovered and then to know the visual and graphical readings and analyze directly To return to the device

❖ The possibility of updating the program via computer Updates, add-ons and device treatments can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website and updated via the USB cable attached to the device and download updates directly

❖ LED front lamp The Gold Detector, Treasures and Fireplace Invenio Pro is equipped with a front lamp to search in the dark and to facilitate night vision

❖ Screen backlight The screen of the device has a backlight to be able to view the results of the survey even in the dark or dark conditions, which make it difficult to see the screen of the device


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