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Gold, Treasures and coins Detector Golden King Plus Photographic Tunnel, which is characterized by its non-impact in volcanic rocks and mineral dust, determines the size and type of the metal and the property of the precious metal scraping


Gold, Treasures and coins Detector Golden King Plus Photographic Tunnel, which is characterized by its non-impact in volcanic rocks and mineral dust, determines the size and type of the metal and the property of the precious metal scraping


❖ Gold, metal and treasures detectors are the latest and most powerful detectors of gold, metals and treasures in the ground at all The device works on 3 systems, namely the imaging system, electromagnetic and radar The device has the ability to detect gold and treasures and the possibility of identifying caves and catacombs and ground spaces and cavities very accurately with the possibility of clarification depth By direct 3D imaging with the exact name of the metal detected The device also has the ability to cancel the iron and precious metals from the exploration process, which also distinguishes the detection device gold and treasures and minerals that supports 10 languages, including the Arabic language and the English language with a special program for the analysis of signs, signs and logos certified by the largest centers and global exploration bodies and the machine works efficiently In various different terrain such as sandy, rocky and muddy land and is not affected by mineral rocks and basalt The device is characterized by a very intelligent and effective electronic exploration system which in turn reveals the targets in the walls, castles, caves and alcoves with ease The device has a secure search feature not found in any other device is not affected by wireless and wired devices and is not affected by the interference resulting from any frequency found in the exploration and search area and is equipped with an operating system is characterized by simplicity of dealing and performance with the feature of Arabic and high resolution digital screen All the specifications of the target immediately after processing the device and is the only device that works with a three-dimensional imaging and explains the shape and depth of the target and see the details of the goal before drilling and clarify the name and size of the metal began from the smallest targets to the large size with all accuracy Wu Visible

Features and techniques of gold detectors, treasures, coins and vaults GOLDEN KING PLUS

❖ The ability to detect gold is high The device proved its worth in the search for gold ore significantly as the device detects the veins of gold and also small pieces of it

❖ Not affected by volcanic rocks and mineral dust Gold, mineral and fire detectors are often unable to find the environment in which there are volcanic rocks or mineralized soil. However, the GOLDEN KING PLUS device is highly capable of searching and exploring in this environment and at a very high speed. It is not affected by volcanic rocks or even mineral soil. It separates all kinds of metals and distinguishes them from each other

❖ 3D imaging system Here lies the strength of the device and its effectiveness as it contains a three-dimensional chart system for the objectives to be discovered as it is filming the objective and analysis and measurement of depth and size and the real type

❖ The option of electronic balance The machine has the option of balancing the ground to work efficiently with all the terrain, such as rocks, sandy soil and metal to find goals better, faster and appropriate with the change of terrain without affecting the performance of the device

❖ Specify the size, type, and depth of the target Always know the type and size of the target matter for the user, but with the detector gold, coins, metals and treasures GOLDEN KING PLUS provides multiple options for the user where the device shows the size of the target and type in particular not only that but also determines the depth so that the user drilling carefully and not to destroy the target

❖ The detection range is up to 6 meters The large gold veins and valuable treasures are located deep below the ground. Therefore, ordinary detectors cannot reach them. However, with the GOLDEN KING PLUS it is easy to reach these targets, with a depth of up to 6 meters below the ground.

❖ The system of removing precious metals such as iron and others The device contains iron scraping properties where it can reject precious metals to be search results net of metals that have no value and that helps in gaining time and effort wasted

❖ Easy to use Easy to use the device on all types of detectors and even beginners and was designed specifically for all uses and to be the most important feature of the device


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