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❖ The treasure and coins detector Go find 40 is designed to suit all groups of the community so that the children can search for treasures and coins buried up to those on the beach and designed specifically to be lightweight and easy to navigate while traveling from one place to another and make the process of disclosure of treasures and coins Rare buried under the surface of the ground more easy than before and depends on the device on many of the latest technologies and developed specifically designed to increase the efficiency of the work of the device and the amazing results that are detected by the device

Features and techniques of coin and Treasures detector Go-Find_40

❖ Affordable Family Fun – A serious high-tech entry level detector that’s really easy for anyone to use The GO‑FIND 40 is a high-performance detector with many innovative features. It is based on advanced digital technology and has excellent detection depth and target sensitivity, better than many detectors in the $500-$1000 price range. Perfect for the beginner and also great as a back-up detector for the advanced user, a MineLab detector has never been more affordable – and it’s great fun too

❖ Compact & No Assembly – Unfold, turn on and GO! No messing around. Folds flat for transportation and storage. It’s really easy to get started with GO FIND because there is nothing to assemble and no loose parts that can get lost when setting up to go detecting. Just unfold the detector, insert batteries and turn on. The controls are pre-set and you can start detecting right away without spending half an hour or more reading an instruction manual and wasting detecting time on assembly. When you’ve finished detecting for the day just collapse the shafts and fold up the detector for easy transport and storage, all ready to use the next time around.

❖ Ultra Lightweight – 20% lighter than similar detectors. Go detecting for longer and find more! The GO FIND 40 weighs only 2.3lbs (1.06kg), making it one of the lightest-weight, lowest-cost, high-performance detectors available today. It can be tiring swinging a detector from side-to-side for long periods, so GO FINDs have been specially engineered to reduce weight, and therefore fatigue, without sacrificing performance. From the smallest kids through to adults – everyone will want to GO detecting again the next day

❖ Treasure View LEDs – Red/Green target ID. Sort the treasure from the trash before you dig it With Treasure View you can get a good idea of the type and depth of metal objects you have found before you dig them up. It’s target discrimination the easy way. The red LEDs indicate iron targets such as nails, horseshoes, toy cars, keys. The green LED’s indicate non-iron targets such as coins, gold and silver jewellery, aluminium, copper and more. In Pinpoint mode the LEDs turn orange to help with determining the exact target position for easy recovery

❖ Easy-Trak – The fully automatic ground tracking reduces noise interference quickly and easily Iron and salt minerals in the ground can cause false signals with metal detectors. While other detectors have either a basic fixed setting, or require the user to learn advanced ‘ground balancing’ techniques, The GO‑FIND 40 truly is ‘switch on and go’. With automatic sensing of salt ground, moving from beach to park requires no detector adjustments or special search modes. The fully automatic ground tracking minimizes ground interference and maximizes target signals, for finding more treasure

❖ Smartphone App – Control your detector, listen to music, share your finds and more… With Bluetooth® functionality you can enhance your detecting experience by using your Smartphone with your GO‑FIND 40. The standard app and pro upgrade, for both iPhone and Android devices, provide features unheard of in a sub $300 detector. The app gives the benefits of Coin ID, wireless audio, detector control, listening to music while you detect, recording find locations and sharing finds on Facebook. Go detecting the modern way and you’ll never look back

❖ Coin ID Magic – Identify common coins on your phone With 4 Find modes (All Metal, Reject Iron, Coins & Jewellery and Coins) GO‑FIND has plenty of target discrimination options for an entry level detector AND matches the discrimination resolution of more advanced detectors when using the Smartphone app. But rather than complicated multi-notch discrimination options and Target IDs, the GO‑FIND app gives you example pictures of the modern coins that you have detected – a world first from MineLab and great fun for all

❖ Google Maps – Record your treasure locations the modern way. ‘X’ marks the spot Wouldn’t it be great to be able to record all your treasure find locations? With the Pro app and the GPS on your phone, you can store over 1000 Find Points and view them on Google Maps. Zoom out to see the general areas you have covered and zoom in to see exactly where that valuable coin was found. MineLab has brought some of the powerful mapping features of our flagship CTX 3030 treasure detector to our GO‑FIND 40. Go back to the places you have found treasure before and find even more

❖ Wireless Audio – Plug ear buds into your phone to listen to music while detecting Use the built‑in speaker or headphones/ear buds or your phone. By using the Bluetooth wireless audio, you won’t be getting tangle up in audio cables every time you put the detector down to dig a target. You can even listen for targets while listening to your favorite music at the same time! Just set the app controls to pause or reduce your music volume each time a target is detected. When you get tired of listening to the same detector tones – customize them with selectable sound files


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