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The Garrett ATX gold detector contains several characteristics in exploration, such as metal type, soil balance, iron rejection, speed of response, automatic tuning

❖ The Gold and Metal Detector Garrett ATX combines the high performance and efficiency of a single device with unique and specific features specially designed to detect small gold nuggets and even gold veins in the ground Garrett ATX has a modern techniques that have been used to make it the first device in the world of gold detection ,These technologies include advanced ground balancing technology and improved high sensitivity to the detection of small gold nuggets and that the Garrett ATX has the maximum ability to detect all targets of any size at the same time without any need to switch settings or coils to get the same result ❖ The Garrett ATX is based on the advanced detection system to detect gold on deep areas The device is designed with high-quality military specifications to overcome all harsh climatic and environmental conditions and all the different terrain such as salt water, mineral soils and solid and rocky lands It have a very accurate and high sensitivity to detect all the pieces of gold and also the Garrett ATX has a unique design only to facilitate the prospectors during the search process to detect all metal targets in one of the different penguins without the need for change the system settings or the device

Features and Techniques of Gold and Coins Detector Garrett ATX ❖ Precision Ground Balance The automatic land balancing options make it easy to adjust the detector to suit all the soil conditions, such as quick search, ground searching, balanced and constant ground searching, etc. ❖ Distinguish the metals with a particular sound Gold, Coins and Treasures Detector ATX has the ability to detect all types of metals, distinguishing between them with a particular ringing tone so that the user can know the type of metal underground ❖ Automatic target tracking The device determines the target that was detected and tracked accurately until get it outside the ground ❖ The double D type Coil The device has a double d coil type probe which in detect small pieces without slowing motion during the search process so that the user can cover the largest possible area while searching. ❖ iron rejection The iron rejection feature is favored by most detectors to be able to detect gold only without the noise that is produced by the iron even with the mineral soil ❖ Interactive screen shows all information The screen contains light indicators showing the target signal and show the device settings which gives the user the full vision and accurate data for the detecting process ❖ Powerful sound system The device has a strong sound system as it is powered by an external speaker for metal detection and it contains a headphone to make the sound clearer in different climatic conditions ❖ Auto Adjustment option The Gold and Metal Detector ATX contains very easy adjustment options, which can be set automatically to make it easy to detect without having to waste time adjusting the device


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