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❖The Gold and Metal Detector Garrett AT Max is one of the latest Garrett devices The gold and metal detectors are characterized by a research file that works on all types of soil and works in highly mineralized areas and rock areas Water where it is against water

❖Gold and Metal Detector Garrett AT Max is an automatic soil calibration system where calibration is changed by soil type to minimize the noise from soil mineralization compared to older devices The user can also take advantage of the wireless headset, which is easy to connect and operates at different frequencies It can be used to detect gold, detect coins and detect reagents such as copper, bronze and platinum

Features and technologies of gold and metal detectors Garrett AT MAX:

❖Carrying case

❖The main unit of the device

❖Search Plate size 8.5 11

❖Protect disk for search disk

❖Advanced wireless headset


❖User’s Manual

❖Three-year warranty card


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