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The gold detector Garrett AT Gold is completely new and contains several options in the exploration of the soil calibration and the depth of the objectives and the feature of controlling the sound and accuracy of the work of the device in its sensitivity to detect gold and is in line with all terrain

❖ Garrett AT Gold Gold detectors are one of the best devices in the world in the detection of gold, metals and coins, which is characterized by the accuracy and a strong system, which makes the device of the best sound devices to detect gold, coins, relics, jewellery and small gold and gold veins and the device is characterized to working At a frequency of 18 kHz to increase the opportunity of detecting small targets even in surface waters and streams

❖ Garrett AT Gold is compatible with all conditions and terrain It has a very powerful detection system It can detect all kinds of minerals by detecting the gold pieces located in the ground and even the gold veins which is located at the depth between rocks and soil The mineral also works efficiently in wetlands and even those have a layer of water gold, coins and metal detectors Garrett AT Gold is characterized by its fineness, accuracy, high quality, easy to use, easy to operate, and easy to adjust the system settings to decrease the time wasted in setting the device and start detecting and extracting gold The device shows the depth of the target with accuracy detail which is missed in the other devices as it is to determine the location of the target until it is extracted to give the user full and clear detecting information until the target gets out of the ground

Features and Techniques of Gold Detectors and Coins Currencies Garrett AT Gold

❖ Detect all types of metals with depths up to 1.5 meters Gold and coins are always at a depth in the ground not close to the ground, so the depth factor in gold and metal detectors is very important. The Garrett AT Gold machine has a depth of up to 1.5 meters to detect all gold pieces

❖ Precision Ground Balance The automatic land balancing options make it easy to adjust the detector to suit all the soil conditions, such as quick search, ground searching, balanced and constant ground searching, etc.

❖ Contains two calibration options (manual – automatic) The calibration options in the gold and currencies detectors Garrett AT Gold is built-in the device which contains two options for mineral soil that containing iron particles and metal impurities. The second option is for regular soil

❖ Depth indicator On detecting gold or currencies there is an important information is missed from a lot of detecting devices which is the depth of the detected target , so the Garrett AT Gold is supporting this option to clear the view of the target depth

❖ Automatic target selection The device determines the target that has been detect and track it until it extracted outside the ground

❖ modify the device frequency The Garrett AT Gold is supporting the option of changing the frequency according to the user needs to suit all types of metals and their density

❖ Differentiate minerals types The device is have the option of differentiate between all types of minerals that are been detected to make the detection readings clear to the user and to know which metal has a value or not

❖Change the device sensitivity Garrett AT Gold is supporting the option of adjusting the sensitivity to suit all types of terrain and even those rocky and lithographic and to increase the efficiency of the device performance and to get more depth during the detection process

❖ Volume and ringing tunes control The Garrett AT Gold is supporting the option of changing sound level and the ringing tunes among to the detected target and change the sound as required according to the filed environment

❖ Light weight and easy to use The weight of the gold and metals detector Garrett AT Gold is one of the lightest gold detectors weigh, so it is easy to carry and use in detect process, which makes it easy to travel and carry the device from area to another area without any complex


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