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Gold,Treasures and coins Detectors ETARC is characterized by speed of goals targeting and the option of ground balancing and adjust the degree of density of waste and works

❖ If you are looking for valuable treasures and coins, the E-TRAC machine from MineLab is the best option to get what you wish for Treasuries, safes and coins detect your sophisticated and smart technology to ensure faster detection and detection The devices come with FBS technology, The search on the frequencies synchronized up to 28 different frequencies ranging from 15 – 100 kHz to increase the sensitivity of the device and the depth of the search in a way that detects even small coins and even those cut and then analyzed signals received from the coil detection, which consists of P A large number of signals, results and impurities accumulated in the ground, which are analyzed well and quickly imaginary to identify if the target discovered is a treasure or work of precious metal or whether does not have value

❖ The E-TRAC is characterized by its sleek and smooth design, which makes it easy to carry the device and thus accelerates the search process It also supports the screen of the amazing device It is supported by a clear LCD screen to ensure the visibility of goals and results clearly and unambiguously


❖ FBS technique With simultaneous frequencies ranging from 1.5 to 100 kHz, FBS analyzes the signal received from the detector coil from a wide range of results. This enables advanced E-TRAC processing of signals by analyzing more target data so that the target identification process is more accurate.

❖ The X-Exchange E-TRAC function is USB Xchange allows detectors to download and download settings, settings and styles from the E-TRAC device and store them in a computer or share them with your online users.

❖ QuickMaskTM Is a technique that adjusts the level of iron rejection and electrically conductive material and makes it easy to switch between patterns and settings

❖ SmartfindTM This feature allows two-dimensional images to be marked with two-dimensional images, representing both iron and conductivity properties in the display itself, working to reduce unwanted target signals and to accept desired target signals. Improve the measure of discrimination with a radical re-alignment of objective identification and the rate of recovery of deep good goals.

❖ Four pre-programmed patterns The patterns developed in the E-TRAC coin detectors, treasures and metals are based on specific rules and measures that are suitable for searching for coins, ancient monuments, searching the beaches and waste-filled areas.

❖ Level of modulation With a scale of 1-50 for precise settings that suits your requirements.

❖ Detection with two audio and visual indicators Making the target setting and size more accurate than any other detector

❖ Ground adjustment options Neutral and difficult, enabling you to easily adapt to the different soil conditions

❖ Waste density controls Where it contains two types of control for high waste of waste-filled places and low option for places that are completely clean to ensure sound purity and search results in all circumstances

❖ Keyboard and settings menu The Playlist and Keypad are quick and easy to use with intuitive icons and logical sequences of menus.

❖ Clear display screen measuring 72 mm x 48 mm The monitor is characterized by an E-TRAC device that is designed to get the best visibility in all light conditions.

❖ The size of the device and its modern design A balanced and comfortable handle ensures that you can explore for longer periods without feeling tired.

❖ Apply the device as a D Where the coil comes in the form of the double D-11-inch water resistant and very light with high specifications and high quality and sharp and accurate in the tracking at different depths


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