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Gold and Treasures Detector Deep Hunter 3D is one of the most powerful imaging devices in the identification of cavities and ground spaces and the detection of gold and treasures, which features a three-dimensional graph technology in the determination of targets and measurement of depth in addition to the isolation of iron

❖The Gold Detectors, Treasures, and Metals DEEPHUNTER 3D is the first detector of its kind in the world It combines the ability to locate deep treasures, cavities, coins and gold all in one machine and one unit The machine can also locate individual coins and treasures in the largest depth possible It is clear, accurate and high quality The DEEPHUNTER 3D Metal detector is characterized by two modes of search: motionless mode and motion mode The machine also contains two types of search to meet the demands of users and to suit all terrain and different climates

❖The treasure discovery mode is characterized by a high depth and accurate accuracy It detects valuable treasures and minerals and detects the cavity Once the standard T44 is used, the device will begin to discover hidden treasures in areas that were previously searched using other detectors x 44 cm are used for explorers who need more depth Once the T100 is fitted with a larger size and you will be able to detect larger targets buried in unbelievable depth The mode 1 was designed to be easy to use in mind with a simple intuitive interface to understand rein The users, both amateur and professional alike, and the display screen detector gold, treasures and minerals provide the user a representative view of the target to search for the advanced presentation technology 3D to become a real vision completely in addition to that it is the type of metal and the depth in which it can be and the full size and all that before Start the drilling process

❖The DEEPHUNTER 3D Detector also contains a search mode called Quick Recovery, which is specially designed to detect individual coins, gold and small targets with exceptional depth, with a goal set using the sound technology In this mode, using the C32 mobile type, you can easily detect A rare silver coin, jewelry, gold and other small things in the deepest depths that are not accessible by other detectors Using the larger C47, you will be able to access larger treasures and fossils in greater depth the system is easy to use and identifies metals in great depth The user is alerted to the metal type with three different sounds, making it easier if the target is gold, treasures or rare metal coins

Features and techniques of gold detectors, treasures, coins and fireplaces DEEPHUNTER 3D

❖Precise identification of metals and three-dimensional 3D drawing You can view both the 3D graphic and the metal definition on the screen of the report you will receive after the target is detected. Thanks to the ideal definition of metals. The gold detector, treasures, metals and rare coins DEEPHUNTER 3D refers to the type of metal discovered in one of four different groups: gold, precious treasures, precious metals,

❖Detection of cavity The device can also identify underground structures such as caves, cavities, depots, tunnels, etc. All this is illustrated on the screen of the machine using sophisticated 3D graphics and can also identify metals within these underground structures

❖Setting goals and measuring their depth The device shows the depth of the target detected in centimeters on the screen and also selects it accurately

❖Refused iron The device contains an excellent iron rejection feature that makes the search more precise as the device explores valuable objects

❖Display a graphic of the target The oscillation system continuously shows the graphic to indicate the target on the visible screen.

❖Exceptional performance in mineral soil You can in all types of ground conditions due to the special settings of DEEPHUNTER 3D in Mode 2 which is designed for high metal conditions. Using iron settings, you can prevent false signals by eliminating interference from metals in extremely mineralized earth conditions or areas containing iron-like concentrations such as beaches, wet sand, soils etc.

❖Insulation of iron As in case 1, you can also eliminate non-precious (ferrous) and unwanted metals in this situation using the advantage of eliminating iron to detect precious metals only

❖Highlight the minerals with 3 tone audio Mode 2 has a very clear system and is easily understood to distinguish metals. The device flags the metal detected to the user with 3 different sounds. A low tone alert is produced for the steel targets and 2 tones are produced, similar to the golden and precious targets.

❖Advanced process yet easy to use Mode 2 is designed with ease of use in mind. Amateur and professional users alike will appreciate simplicity. This mode provides a very fast search for target detection through audio predictions only


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