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The Gold detector and precious coins CF 77 distinguished in the speed of detection and identification of the intended target where available dishes work in all terrain and features the advantage of iron rejection and resistance to water

❖ The CF77 coin detector allows you to search for rare coins, precious metals and even small pieces of gold The device has three different types of DD type It is lightweight, water resistant and its stylish design allows you to search deeply even in the most difficult conditions, terrain and even Underwater

❖ CF77 allows you to detect metals, gold, coins, jewelry, artifacts and other small objects in areas that other devices cannot detect This is by providing a stable and deep search in the most difficult ground conditions This device gives excellent performance in soil containing atoms Metal and iron impurities


❖ Deep search and quick discovery of targets The Gold Detector, Rare Coins and Metal CF77 allows you to reach the targets in depth. The rest of the coin detectors and artifacts cannot be reached. The device enjoys smooth and stable performance even in different and volatile ground conditions and you will quickly discover that the CF77 metal detector opens areas held as Excavating it and it is not suitable for prospecting again It is suitable for all types of terrain and water CF77 has three different Waterproof coils and you only need to choose the right coil for each environment you want to detect in order to get the best performance. Sizes are 9 inches, 11 inches and 18 inches. The smallest coil provides easy access to narrow areas that are difficult to access. The medium search coil provides a good balance of depth and provides the larger coil with deeper research in wide open areas

❖ Contains three different tones Gold detectors and coins CF77 can reach the depth of the remote while still provides the target setting to be explored with high accuracy and also has the ability to distinguish clearly between the minerals and therefore the technique on which the machine works and the precision it possesses in the distinction between minerals provides you with unnecessary drilling By helping you distinguish between non-ferrous metals, gold and zinc with 3 different tones.

❖ Iron rejection Iron rejection is often necessary to ensure a worthwhile search. The CF77 coin detector can ignore the iron signals produced by the soil in areas with high metal soil. The unique audio playback feature allows you to select non-ferrous metal detection only by converting the sharp target sounds completely.

❖ Easy to handle The modern hardware settings are a major obstacle for users, but CF77 CF77 allows you to efficiently design and control simplified controls thCrude out the day without the need to waste time tuning the device.

❖ Longer battery time The CF77 and CF77 coin detectors have a huge battery life that lasts up to 30 hours of continuous operation, working on 8 AA batteries

❖ Multiple methods of research The CF77 is supported by three modes of research to suit the search of the device on all types of soil and different terrain. It contains a general search option, a first tuning option and a second control to support the search better and to ensure the quality and performance of the device even in that mineral soil


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