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best ways to find gold

Gold is a precious metal sought by many people who want to create wealth quickly and every human on the earth wishes to find gold in various ways and there are many ways to search for gold as there are underground large amounts of gold and gold is one of the types He raised ancient Pharaonic civilizations as well as civilizations of the Ottoman Empire and many of the old civilizations that existed largely in ancient times. Ath, which is available now these tools provide a lot of effort and time and search methods for gold assed modern electronic devices are accurate means to know the results of our article and the following will learn together on ways to search for gold assed to follow up the report Together.

Types of Gold


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There are four main types of gold and different types of gold depending on the different colors and when manufactured falls from a range of other colors, including the following:

Yellow color

This is a natural color of gold, but when it is drafted is added with him some other minerals to his ordeal strength and hardness in order to resist scratching and breakage.

White color

It is one of the types of gold that resist breakage and scratches accepted by many people and is obtained by mixing white metals, including (platinum, nickel and zinc)

Pink Color

The pink color of gold is not widely available in the market, but rare and undesirable to many people and is obtained by the combination of gold with copper and silver as it is a species that mixes copper in large proportions and therefore is a low-cost gold.

Green Color

This type of gold is obtained by mixing silver to gold as the higher the ratio of silver added, the more green the color of gold.

What are the types of gold carat?

24 carat gold

This is the purest type of gold because it will not be mixed with any other metal and is formed in the form of gold bars or gold ounces.

22 carat gold

It follows 24-carat gold where 22 parts of raw gold are mixed into 2 parts of any metal to be added such as (copper, nickel or zinc).

21carat gold

The 21-carat gold is heavily traded in the market where 1 part of pure gold is mixed with 3 parts of any metal such as (nickel, copper or zinc).

18 carat gold

This gold standard is heavily traded on the market, followed by 21-carat gold where 18 parts of pure gold are mixed with 6 pieces of metal to be added.

14 carat gold

It is one of the bullets that do not want much of the acquisition and consists of 14 parts of gold mixture with 10 parts of other metals such as (copper, zinc or nickel).

10 carat gold

It is one of the gold is not traded in the market for the lack of demand for the large proportion of minerals that enter into the manufacture where it contains 10 parts of gold with 14 parts of other metals.

How to infer buried gold ?

Before we talk with you about the ways to search for buried gold, we need to know how to infer the buried gold and this is by the presence of some signs that indicate that this area has gold metal, so the inference and search buried gold be one of these signs, including the following:

  • It can be through the maps drawn on stones and rocks or leather chips or engraved on the roofs of the caves and then the walls of the mountains and this was called the signs of drilling and have knowledge of the owners of experience.
  • It is inferred and signs of the presence of gold buried Kalfvina Roman cross drilling or alienation, which is known as Aljrn in the form of craters can be large or small in the rock, it is evidence of a well or cave in this region.
  • However, when there is a scorpion or a mortal click or a head of Ghazala, this indicates the Jewish burials.
  • One of the ways to infer the buried gold, including the burials of Persia, which is a reference to the presence of gold and the judiciary and various types of jewelry is the presence of grape picking.
  • Often gold is also found in places where some other metals and minerals were previously found, as it is inconceivable that gold was found elsewhere.

Ways to search for gold

There are many of ways to search for gold and examples of these methods are the following:

  • Search through maps, these are the first ways to search for buried gold
  • One of the ways to search for buried gold is through the use of modern devices, which must be used by specialists in the field.
  • Among the ways to search for buried gold is the method of drilling or turnoff.
  • It is recommended to use devices that are characterized by high frequency and the ability to search for gold buried at deep depths in the ground and is one of the ways to search for buried gold.

Modern gold search devices

There are a many of modern devices that greatly help in the search for buried gold and examples of these devices are the following:

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Gold detector and gold veins Gold Monster 1000 is one of the best gold detectors in the world where it proved its efficiency in the field of discovery of small and large pieces of gold and gold veins. …Readmore

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Important tips for anyone looking for gold


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Anyone looking for ways to find lost gold should be aware of these important tips.

  • The sources of danger must be completely avoided.These sources are old exploration methods, as they are full of dangers and ultimately lead to death rather than richness.
  • You must obtain permission in advance before you can prospect in the territory where you suspect that there is gold, because it is owned by some civilian persons or even the property of the state, so you must take a permit first so as not to experience many problems.
  • Care must be taken to learn all the basics and methods of finding buried gold, as well as studying the exact geographical area in which the process of exploration will be conducted.
  • You should use the Geological Survey Office to find out exactly where the gold is located, so you can search in a known area, and your task is easy.

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