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The Gold Detector Au Gold Finder is distinguished by the use of frequency 56 kHz in the sensitivity of the small pieces and the analysis of the ground balance and works on the tracking goals

❖ The Gold Detector AU Gold Finder is one of the best gold detectors, operating at a frequency of 56 kHz, which increases the sensitivity and depth of the detection of the device towards the small and large gold grains, which corresponds to all the rocky terrain and volatile soil and represents the light weight which Up to 14 kg is an important factor in the process of detection of gold, which is always the excess weight of the device is disabled ❖ The gold detector is the best gold detector, which is characterized by a simple setting that is easy to understand even for beginners in the detection of gold and is characterized that it has three types of research in order to make the device fits with all types of terrain and reveals the granules of gold small and very high, Improve the search for the areas of mineral waste and mineral soils saturated with metal grains and difficult to detect gold and facilitate the option of improving the search opportunities to find gold in those areas The device also features a two-dimensional water research small 5-inch coil for Tied spaces and the 10 * 55 Coil to cover a larger space as possible during the search and also to reduce the time used in the detection of gold

Features and Techniques of Gold Detector AU Gold Finder ❖ Frequency 56 kHz The device uses a frequency of 56 kHz, which makes the device more sensitive to become a range deeper and to discover the small pieces of gold ❖ It weighed 1.4 kg The weight of the gold detector is the most important gold discovery factors where the weight of 1.4 kg for the gold finder to search freely and quickly to cover the largest possible research area during his search ❖ Alert about gold discovery Where the device contains two types of alarm, the first sound alert is located in most detectors gold, but there is a second type of alarm in the detector gold and metals AU Gold Finder, which is the optical alert to be visible to the detector and be an additional factor in alerting the discovery when the device detects the presence of gold ❖ Advanced VLF technology The Gold Gold Detector (AU Gold Finder) works on the latest technology for gold discovery. The device uses VLF technology, which proved its versatility and ability to detect gold and even small grains. ❖ Three kinds of research The EU Gold Finder supports three types of gold search, which in turn fit all the conditions of the ground and even those that exist on the water bodies to ensure the highest quality of research and not lost any opportunity to find gold ❖ Precision Ground Balance The option of balancing the ground that makes the AU Gold Finder is balanced in the search with different terrain, such as rocks, mud and ground, located on the ground or under water ❖ Tracking goals The device contains a property on tracking the discovered targets so that the finder can extract them outside the ground ❖ Increase sensitivity Usually, the possibility of controlling the degree of sensitivity in the AU Gold Finder device allows the detector to increase the sensitivity in the device to reach the depths of varying and discover even those small grains of gold


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