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❖ The detector of treasures, coins and metals Garrett Ace 150 of the best devices used in this area where the device was designed to suit those new finders or trainees on the detectors of treasures and coins and minerals for easy use and high efficiency and quality, which is unparalleled in the discovery of treasures and coins and minerals buried under The earth’s surface

Features and techniques of a the gold and treasure detector ACE 150

❖ Easy to use and smooth way to run it Easy to use the detector of treasures and coins Ace 150 for the simplicity of the work of the device, which does not need more time in the configuration and configuration of the device and therefore it is suitable for beginners to facilitate the process of searching and discovery of treasures and currencies for the first time and contains the device to a few buttons to facilitate the device

❖ A battery indicator that gives a clear reading of the charging level The device features an optical battery indicator that explains the charge of the battery and enables the user to follow the status of the battery continuously and know whether the battery is weak or not

❖ The power of the battery is up to 30 hours The device features an amazing battery with up to 30 hours of continuous work, which in turn supports the longest possible search period so that the explorer can cover the largest field of research in the field

❖ The design is modern and convenient to research The detector of treasures, minerals and coins ACE 150 is designed on the latest design in modern design to combine light weight in the form of time and suitable for ease of the research process and thus reflected on the results discovered


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