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Gold Rush was established in 2010 and started in the business of trading gold detectors, metals, mining equipment and gold refining machines
we won the trust of the customers by providing the required products with high quality and specifications that are suitable to suit all customers and working environment.
Through our continuous experience in this field, we gained with the accumulated experience of our skills, which we have refined to enable us to know all types of detecting devices and their efficiency and quality as there are many products that are manufactured are not suitable for work and do not contain the lowest quality standards compared to others. The purpose of producing these products t is to make profits only and do not seek to prove the devices performance which is cause the buyer to lose large amounts of money
And after dealing with the factories that we have confirmed the failure of their products, we totally stopped dealing with them and our horn deal only with the world’s reliable factories and singing agency contract with them which they are:
❖ MineLab is the largest gold and metal detectors manufacturer in the world
❖ Lorenz Deep Max for gold and metal detectors
❖ Nokta & Macro for gold and metal Detectors
❖ Garrett for Metal Detectors and Security Systems
❖ TB Metal Detector
❖ Detech For Gold& Metal Detectors
❖ CoilTek Gold & Metal Detector Accessories
❖ Keene for gold and metal prospecting equipment
❖ Royal Factory for Gold and Metal Filtering Equipment

After the signing of all these agreements and by 2015, we decided to open a special section to maintain the devices to provide our customers a distinguished service to ensure the devices and provide a faster service and the same accuracy as the repair of the devices in the factory, in the opposite of the previous years where we send the device to the factory for maintenance and it may take a long time Up to 20 days compared to the current time which is not more than two days and that was what distinguishes us from others and always makes us in the forefront

What we distinguished by:-

❖ Our original products
❖ Our competitive prices
❖ Our distinguished services
❖ Three years warranty for each product
❖ Free training
❖ Fast maintenance
❖ Fast and free shipping services to all countries of the world
❖ Our field tours with prospectors in many countries of the world such as Sudan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Mali and Ghana
❖ Services for quick response to inquiries through social communication channels and direct telephone calls


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